Welcome to Makhato 84

Take time out from your busy schedule to book a weekend away at Makhato 84, and in a short while you can be sitting around a glowing fire, listening to the sound of the bushveld and breathing in fresh air under the milky way.

Makhato 84 is a luxury bush lodge located in the well-loved Sondela Nature Reserve in Limpopo. Sondela is roughly 10 minutes from Bela Bela, 90 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport and Sandton, and less than 60 minutes from Pretoria. Sondela has its own air strip; please make prior arrangements if you want to make use of this facility.

Makhato 84 is one of the few Makhato units where the view is completely undisturbed, and with the perk of having no neighbours nearby, you can enjoy the peace and calm of the bushveld in complete privacy.

Sondela offers a variety of wildlife interaction, nature walks and safaris. At Makhato 84 you are guaranteed to see Njalas (which are exceptionally tame and love all kinds of fruit), but you will also encounter giraffe, blue wildebeest, zebra, warthog, mongoose and many other species - right there on your doorstep!